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The marketplace has changed. Have you changed your approach to marketing and sales?


Innovative Intermedia uses expertise, technical savvy, fresh thinking and new ideas to ensure satisfaction and bottom-line results.

pic1 Lloyd Wilky
Former VP
Shared Business Services

I was a highly satisfied
customer of Lisa Craig's project leadership and solution development in this critical area for Merck, as top talent gets harder and harder to
find and retain.



It's time for a new approach. It's time to market.

Innovative Intermedia is a digital services firm that applies expertise, technical savvy, fresh thinking and new ideas to all of our projects. Our services are focused on business accountability and are performance driven solutions that are meaningful to your customers and offer bottom-line results to your business.

The soft economy has affected most business. Marketing budgets are slashed. Competition is fierce. Executives want to see their ROI improving. What this means is that what was effective before may not be successful in today's marketplace.

You say you've cut back. Maybe you're waiting for business to pick up. How long are you prepared to wait? How long can you afford to wait? What is your competition doing?

While you’re waiting, you’re invisible.  Take control. Generate your own buzz. Rev up your image. Make yourself visible.

It's time! Stop waiting. Get going.


We are always up to something—something fresh and meaningful. Generating meaningful buzz and insights are part of our business. Check out our latest news, client successes and posts.






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strategy · marketing ·social media · web

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